Home Inspections

Established in 1987, Second Look Inspection Services has performed over 35,000 professional inspections for our highly satisfied customers.

Our state certified inspectors are highly trained in the industry standards and our customer satisfaction is second to none.

We encourage you to “check us out” and see why Second Look Inspection Services has been so successful for all these years, and how we can help you be as educated as possible about your property you are about to purchase.

Radon Testing

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States per the EPA. It enters homes through air flow from the ground into the house.

Radon testing is available from Second Look using state of the art equipment. Sun Nuclear radon machines are the industry’s most trusted name in radon detection.
Radon is very prevalent in Wisconsin and testing is recommended.
Second Look has performed over 8,000 radon tests and our testing has shown 67.2% of the homes tested had high levels of radon.

Additional Services

Commercial Inspections
EIFS Stucco Inspections 
  (Synthetic Stucco)
Listing Inspections / Pre-Purchase
Partial Home Inspections (roof,
  foundation, electrical, plumbing,
One Year Maintenance Review
Energy Audit Inspections
Listing Inspections
Partial Home Inspections (roof,
  foundation, electrical, etc…)
One Year Maintenance
Energy Audit Inspections